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My name is Jennifer, but 99% of people call me Jenny.

(I tell people it would be easier to remember by using Jennifer Lopez or Forest Gump as references.)

I remember taking a photo of a squirrel running in my backyard when I was around 8 years old. I used a disposable camera and couldn't wait to get the photo developed to see how the photo turned out. That moment sparked a passion in me to capture moments for others that they can look back on and smile.

I decided to go to college to learn and grow as an artist. I graduated from the University of Missouri-Saint Louis in May 2013 with my Bachelor’s in Studio Art, emphasis in Photography. During college, I photographed for their newspaper as well as started to photograph Weddings and Portraits. JLMY Photography started in 2009 and since then, I have photographed over 60 Wedding Days and over 100 Portrait Sessions/ Events. JLMY is 12 years old and I love that I get to capture moments that are not only special, but an honor as well.


Some facts about me: When I am excited, I talk a little fast. Sometimes in song. I LOVE to make others laugh and have fun! I can be competitive, especially while playing Super Smash Bros and volleyball! My favorite band of all time is Evanescence. I am married, and we have two fur babies named Mae and Finley who are my world!

Contact me if you have any questions! I would love to speak with you!



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